How to care for your auriculas when they arrive.

Auriculas can be posted all-year-round but it is best to avoid very hot or very cold conditions, as it will be difficult to manage the newly potted plants.

It is only during the coldest winter conditions that little top growth will occur. However, root systems will start to develop at virtually any time of year.

When your parcel arrives unpack it right away. The plants will benefit from fresh air after their journey.

The auriculas are supplied bare-root or with a root-ball and are ready for potting. There is no need to prepare the plants further.

You will see that the root systems are quite moist so you shouldn’t need to water them before potting.

Open the top of each bag and expose the leaves so the plant can have a breath of fresh air. Leave the root system in the bag for the time being.

Place in a shaded cool place for about an hour before potting.

Pots and compost

This is the subject of many queries we receive. Great results can be obtained with a variety of materials but we recommend our approach.


Any type of pot will do – plastic, terracotta, ceramic, glazed. There are many others which can be chosen. We use plastic pots; we recycle pots and have been doing so for over 20 years!

The two most important points are size and drainage.  Auriculas require excellent drainage so there should be adequate drainage holes in the bottom of the container. You may wish to place a few broken crocks (smashed clay pots) in the bottom of the pot but it is not essential.

We recommend that you pot up your new plants into 8cm (4”) pots – no larger. A smaller size,  say 7cm (31/2”) is acceptable.

Larger pots are difficult to manage with regard to watering and should be avoided.


The compost should be free draining and provide a balance of nutrients. Our recommended mix is a propriety multi-purpose compost which has been improved by adding horticultural grit. The proportion should be 75% compost to 25% grit.

The addition of a small amount of slow release fertiliser such as Osmocote is beneficial. This will sustain the plants for about 6 months. Just 1 to 2 grams per litre of compost is sufficient.


Remove the plants from each bag and simply place the root system into your chosen pot, and pour compost all around the root system. It is a good idea to shake the plant while you pour compost into the pot.

Gently firm the compost and tap the pot onto a hard surface to settle the compost around the roots. Top off the compost with grit, which not only looks good but keeps moisture at the surface.

Give good watering and place in a shaded place. They can be left outside in a sheltered spot or better still in a shaded cold glasshouse. No artificial heat is required, as auriculas are cold climate plants.


Only apply more water when the compost starts to go into a drying cycle. Always check the surface of the compost before deciding to water. Too much water will result in poor plant performance. After 2 or 3 weeks you may notice the lower leaves begin to turn yellow. This is normal as the plant begins to grow and regenerate from the centre, with fresh young leaves.

When a leaf has yellowed remove by cutting the leaf off with scissors close to the main stem.

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