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4 X plants of Primula Peninsula Hybrids Candelabra

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Candelabra Primulas are amongst some of the most beautiful classic garden plants. There are many species and even more hybrids and varieties. All are clump forming and spread by self sown seedlings. The flowers are carried in numerous whorls up strong stems and have a very exotic appearance, but they are all extremely hardy standing many degrees of frost. They have a long flowering season across the range of types extending from late April to the end of July. Flowering heights range from 30cm (1 foot) to 100 cm (3 feet). Many are tolerant of very heavy wet soils. They associate well with other familiar plants such as Astilbe and Hosta.

Peninsula Hybrids are selections we have made over a number of years. The colours are pastel and beautiful; plants supplied may vary compared with those illustrated here but we are certain you will not be disappointed. These hybrids flower in May into June.
All plants supplied are of flowering size and posted ex. pot with a rootball.

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