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4 X plants of Primula pulverulenta

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This long-lived candelabra primula is a most imposing spring and early summer fully hardy garden plant; usually flowering before all other candelabras. It forms large robust deciduous multi-stemmed clumps in damp or even wet soils. It will stand flooding for short periods of time. The tall (100cm or 3 feet) flowering stems, which produce up to 8 whorls of flowers, are covered with farina giving them a white appearance; a most attractive feature. In its native land of western Sichuan (a province in China), Primula pulverulenta grows in very wet marshy locations and beside rivers and streams. It prefers dappled conditions but if the soil remains moist at all times it will thrive in open positions. The leaves are pale green and have a finely rugose appearance and a distinctive pleasant odour. Plants supplied are of mature flowering size and posted ex. pots with a root-ball for immediate planting or potting.

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