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4 X plants of Primula sieboldii Alba woodlander

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4 X plants of Primula sieboldii Alba
This species has been grown for over 150 years since it was introduced in 1862. It is of creeping deciduous habit which ensures it develops into large clumps. These large clumps produce huge numbers of flowering stems which rise to 30cm (1 foot) above the foliage.
In its native habitat Primula sieboldii grows in a wide range of conditions but always in damp or wet places. It grows in light wooded areas so we should not grow it in too dense woodland. In the authors experience good light levels are best so the fringe of woodland sites is best. Primula sieboldii is hardy, easy and develops well in the correct growing conditions. All the varieties on offer here are wonderful container grown plants. For example a half barrel full of P sieboldii is magnificent. Plants supplied are mature flowering size ex. pots and rootballed.

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