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4 X plants Primula japonica Carminea candelabra


4 X plants of Primula japonica Carminea - all ready for planting to grow on for flowering next year.

The item picture shows flowering at various stages.
Primula japonica is a classic garden plant of easy culture. A very typical candelabra Primula it has striking whorled tiers of beautiful flowers standing majestically above striking mid-green luxuriant foliage. It is very tolerant of the wettest heavy soils; in fact it will thrive under such conditions. Flowering time is May and height at its peak is 60cm (2 feet). Primula japonica forms a large clump which is easily divided and will self seed all around given damp dappled conditions. It will grow in full light in the bog garden but given some dappled shade will grow in most situations where the soil remains moist at all times.

Plants are supplied ex. pots with a strong rootball. Garden ready for planting now.

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