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9 X plants Primula beesiana, candelabra bog garden ready

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9 X plants Primula beesiana garden ready
Primula bulleyana subsp. beesiana (more usually referred to as Primula beesiana) This is a perennial candelabra Primula of outstanding garden merit. Having been grown for over 100 years this species has a proven track record. It is very hardy and establishes itself as a strong clump. A fantastic candelabra for the June garden performing well in all soils that remain moist. Height of flowering is 60 cm (2 feet). Being June flowering it adds a splash of colour, few other plants can compete with. The 60cm (2 feet) tall flowering stems, carry 6 to 8 whorls of flowers. This candelabra species enjoys a damp spot in the garden and will thrive under such conditions. It is an ideal species beside ponds and streams and assorts well with all of the other candelabras such as Primula bulleyana. The plant spreads itself by self sown seedlings in damp conditions.
Supplied ex. pots with a rootball. Coming out of 6cm pots.

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