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Auricula starter collection, 9 varieties, plus printed labels


A complete starter collection for the novice auricula grower. 9 plants included in the collection.
Here we offer a flowering sized plant from each of the 9 auricula categories or classes as seen at national shows; Light centred alpine, Gold centred alpine, Border, Double, Show self, Show edge (green or silver), Show striped, Show fancy and a recent named hybrid cross (seedling).
Varieties selected are of easy culture and will provide a floriferous display each springtime. They are all suitable for display in an auricula theatre, cold greenhouse/conservatory.
Each plant comes with a printed stick-in label with name and other details and will last for years for future reference.
Please note that the plants illustrated here are for guidance only; actual varieties may vary from these, but an equally good range of colours will be selected.
Plants are supplied ready for potting; compost has been carefully reduced from the root ball in preparation for you to pot into fresh compost.

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